More than 30 top speakers from Global services leaders and key advisors including experts from:

Deloitte, Randstad, JLL, Skanska, Kinnarps, CTP, Accenture, Citibank, Mayor of Brno, Impact Hub Brno, Johnson and Johnson, Novartis, Infosys, AB Inbev, Medtronic, Bluelink, Edwards and more.


Petr Šimůnek
Editor in Chief, Forbes Magazine


2 full days including more than 25 conference sessions on the topics that are defining and driving business services in the Czech Republic and the CEE region.

  • Talent management and retention strategies to keep winning.
  • Robotics and automation - not just a luxury but a MUST-HAVE.
  • Future workplaces and driving your business with your property strategies.
  • The Business services roadmap for 2030 and beyond.
  • Education for GBS - partnerships to drive and deliver the future talent we need.


  • October 18
  • October 19
Plenary Session
08:30 / 09:00 Ballroom Platinum 1+2+3


Registration & Refreshment
09:00 / 09:30 Ballroom Platinum 1+2+3
ABSL Introduction ABSL update 2017. Czech Business Services sector growth, trends and challenges. Jonathan Appleton (ABSL) 
09:30 / 10:00 Ballroom Platinum 1+2+3
KeyNote Speaker Peter Moller (Deloitte) 
10:00 / 10:45 Ballroom Platinum 1+2+3
Well-being and WELL certification through Skanska projects We realize that how people feel in the offices is essentially the most important thing and that's why we will certify all our buildings with WELL. We will show you how the pillars of WELL affect employees and what are the concrete solutions through the specific examples on Skanska projects. Alexandra Tomášková (SKANSKA) 
10:00 / 10:45 Ballroom Platinum 1+2+3
Future of Work Interested in JLL’s visionary look into the changing world of work and its impact on the next generation of corporate real estate? Join our experts and learn about the proprietary Future of Work model helping organisations turn disruption into opportunity. Tom Carroll (JLL) 
10:45 / 11:00
Coffee break
11:00 / 11:30 Ballroom Platinum 1+2+3
Talents and Technology: Shaping the Future Who are your future talents and what do they search for at their employers? What do HR technologies bring to the process of sourcing and recruiting and how to benefit from them instead of causing harm to your reputation as an employer? Hana Púllová (Randstad) 
11:30 / 12:00 Ballroom Platinum 1+2+3
Generation Next: Winning The War For Talent Based on ACCA’s ground-breaking survey “Generation Next”, we explore the aspirations of young people in the highly competitive GBS industry, and what employers need to do to get ahead in terms of recruitment and retention. David Hand (ACCA) 
12:00 / 12:30 Ballroom Platinum 1+2+3
Engagement: Wake up the princess Tricks, tips and tools to boost the engagement at your companies and finally wake the sleeping beauty. Jiří Fabián (PurposeFly) 
12:30 / 13:30 Ballroom Platinum 1+2+3
Networking lunch
Stream A
13:30 / 14:00 Ballroom Platinum 1+2
How to get more out of your robots A number of Shared Services has already adopted RPA in their organizations and began looking for additional utilisation of robotics workforce. NEOOPS founders to talk about how initial challenges can be overcome and how to make robots more effective by utilizing entire RPA ecosystem. Jan Rapala (Neoops), Zdeněk Kabátek (Neoops) 
14:00 / 14:30 Ballroom Platinum 1+2
Future of Brno for world-class business services CTP’s role as development partner to the SSC, BPO and ICT companies in the Brno region, support and approach for special request of hi-tech companies and how to create park environment which is suitable and comfortable for work-life balance. Jiří Kostečka (CTP), Barbora Youssef (CTP) 
14:30 / 15:00 Ballroom Platinum 1+2
Digitizing Global Business Services Key digital capabilities SSC organizations should master to deliver on their value promise of effectiveness, increased agility, cost efficiency and innovative services to support the business Benedict Von Uthmann (Accenture) 
15:00 / 15:30
Coffee Break
15:30 / 16:00 Ballroom Platinum 1+2
Future of Finance There are significant changes occurring in the office of the CFO that fundamentally alters the future of finance and the role they play in organizations. We are seeking to provide answers and direction for organizations on how the future will be different, the implications this has and how should one be preparing for the future as the ever increasing influence of the digital age is felt. Darren Brindley (CIMA) 
16:00 / 16:30 Ballroom Platinum 1+2
Connecting students and companies What do millennials want? How should we collaborate with the next generation and what should we change? My personal experience of the transition from a student to an intern and then to leading roles at the IBM Smarter University and University Relations for Kiwi.com. Includes tips & lessons learnt along the way. Ladislav Vašek (Kiwi.com) 
Stream B
13:30 / 14:00 Ballroom Platinum 3
Life on Mars? ..... SW testing in Shared Services of a Bank Do you also wonder if life on Mars exists? Under what environmental conditions and in which circumstances? And do you also wonder how can SW testing be core part of the Business Shared Services Center of a Bank? Join our session to find out. Aleš Baránek (KBC) 
14:00 / 14:30 Ballroom Platinum 3
Changing procurement: From cost center to revenue generator. Reality or fiction? Learn about the latest trends in procurement management and how Citi can help you achieve your working capital and expense management KPIs. Alžběta Martišová (Kiwi.com), Helena Port (Citi), Pavel Knecht (Citi) 
14:30 / 15:00 Ballroom Platinum 3
Attracting talents with effective employer branding Bored? Daring to be different? How CDK Global changed the game in PR, Marketing and Recruitment. Steven Reade (CDK) 
15:00 / 15:30
Coffee Break
15:30 / 16:00 Ballroom Platinum 3
The Future of RPA Learn about examples of real world challenges of RPA projects today and how they will be overcome in future Andrew Rayner (UiPath), Tobias Rataj (UiPath) 
16:00 / 16:30 Ballroom Platinum 3
Future of logistics A vision for centralization and standardization has obvious advantages but needs to be aligned with commercial priorities. Integration and a lean operational model are the key enablers. Tom Desmet (AB Inbev) 
16:30 / 17:30
Networking, Drinks & Partners' Exhibition
Stream A
09:00 / 09:30 Ballroom Platinum 3
The evolution of IT in Novartis Global Service Center Prague. A presentation will show the evolution of IT global services within Novartis Global Service Center. A speaker will share transformation journey from an individual IT function contribution within IT HUB environment to a broader business alignment within Novartis Global Business Service. Detlef Geigle (Novartis) 
09:30 / 10:00 Ballroom Platinum 1+2
The road to excellence Introducing We Belong initiative for all J&J Global Services employees worldwide, building on strong J&J Credo foundation, supporting the sense of belonging and loyalty of employees towards the company, society and one another. David Mansfeld (Johnson & Johnson) 
10:00 / 10:30 Ballroom Platinum 1+2
Employer Branding Shared service centers  often employ big number of people, but the connection of their day to day job to the core business is often very limited. Medtronic employees will talk about a project they started on how to create a link between the core business, the mission of the company and the shared service center employees. Sylva Rybářová (Medtronic), Martina Pulíková (Medtronic) 
10:30 / 11:00
Coffee break
Stream B
09:00 / 09:30 Ballroom Platinum 1+2
Goal to Reality Change management strategies to engage your employees and achieve better operational performance Gábor Paukovics (Kinnarps) 
09:30 / 10:00 Ballroom Platinum 3
Being Humanly Digital People or robots in the customer care service? The story about implementation of chatbot in BlueLink and the way it is helping agents with service that is not only faster but also a bit of fun along the way. Simona Benešová (BlueLink) 
10:00 / 10:30 Ballroom Platinum 3
Efficiency in action A real case study on how to redesign make more efficient a back office organization in customer care (and save money) Andrea Tonoli (Comdata Czech), Anna Hoerová (Vodafone Czech Republic) 
10:30 / 11:00
Coffee break
Plenary Session
11:00 / 11:30 Ballroom Platinum 1+2+3
How does the new start-up programme function at Deloitte? Can Deloitte be a partner of start-up businesses? Can Deloitte establish partnerships with start-ups and conduct a healthy business with them? If so, where should the starting point be and what should the programme focus on? How can one accelerate the environment of shared services centres, find start-ups addressing efficient recruitment, retention and motivation of talents? How should one test these start-ups at Deloitte Experimental Lab? Senta Čermáková (Deloitte) 
11:30 / 12:30 Ballroom Platinum 1+2+3
Startup Challenge & Voting 5 start-ups hand-picked for the business services envrionment will present their innovative ideas. The audience will then choose the winner with the best pitch. Start-ups: GreyCortex, Legito, PurposeFly, Rossum, Virtubio
12:30 / 13:30 Ballroom Platinum 1+2+3
Networking lunch. Closer of the Conference.